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Totally at home wherever you need to transport, work or move things.

The unique all-rounder

Works in moist or remote terrain — the multi-talent PistenBully 100 All Season is the ideal choice wherever you need to transport, work or move things. Also without snow! Extremely low ground pressure and high thrust ensure easy advancement. The loading platform is the third option for attachments and can be used for a variety of tools. Due to the low centre of gravity, the hill climbing ability is up to 100 %, depending on the ground surface.

The PistenBully 100 All Season is now available again following an update. With its SCR technology it now fulfills the 4i exhaust regulations. The All Season principle means the machine can be used year round: the familiar winter use for small parks or for setting cross-country tracks, for example. The PistenBully 100 All Season has an especially large cooler for charge air, water and hydraulic oil. This allows it to keep on working in conditions up to +40 degrees — and wherever wheeled vehicles have to give up. Such as mulching the ski slopes in summer.

All this makes the PistenBully 100 All Season extremely profitable throughout the entire year.

Standard equipment:

  • LED working lights
  • Air-sprung workstation
  • Technical package
  • Joystick
  • Fixed running wheels
  • Brush-guards


  • Air conditioning
  • Bio-oil
  • Trailer coupling
  • Spotlight

Choice of combined, X or steel tracks.

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